Dennis is a multidisciplinary artist who creates music and independent documentaries. デニスは、自主映画と、音楽の、二つの専門分野に精通しているアーティストです。Deniz bağımsız belgesel yönetmenliği ve aynı zamanda müzisyenliğiyle disiplinlerarası çalışan bir sanatçıdır. Deniz es un artista multidisciplinario que crea musica y documentales independientes.



Dennis Aydemir is the singing-songwriting frontman of the indie\art rock band 'Of The Bees', and the Director and Producer for the documentary series ‘Time Travels Through Sound’.

A quadrilingual Berklee graduate whose creative impulsions are rooted in language death, nostalgia, nature and sound.

He currently resides in Santa Cruz, California and travels across the US, Japan and Europe to make music while doing organic farming.

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Of the Bees - Dennis and his band’s sound transcends genres and evoke deeply nostalgic emotions. Some of their influences include Sting, Simon&Garfunkel, Coldplay, Radiohead and Fleet Foxes. Of the Bees on social media; FB INSTA MUSIC

Lara Di Lara - LDL is Dennis’s former band with whom he has performed many televised events and symphony shows, and opened for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

花は咲けども - A group from the Tōhoku region, 影法師 Kagebōshi, wrote a song called ‘Hana wa Sakedomo’, ‘Even Though The Flowers Bloom’ discussing the socio-political issues surrounding the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Dennis worked alongside award-winning band Women of the World as the lyricist and translator for the song.


A scene from The Elements, the first movie of the documentary trilogy ‘Time Travels Through Sound’

A scene from The Elements, the first movie of the documentary trilogy ‘Time Travels Through Sound’

Time Travels Through Sound

Dennis has created and directed an enigmatic documentary project that uncovers music that faces extinction due to language death. The film was shot over the course of two years in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Turkey, Vietnam and Russia. It was initially funded on Kickstarter.

TTTS on social media; FB INSTA

Short Bio

Above: live with the EBBSO symphony orchestra  Below: filming the sunrise in Dersim, Tunceli

Above: live with the EBBSO symphony orchestra
Below: filming the sunrise in Dersim, Tunceli

filming in Dersim

Early life - Dennis, (also Deniz) was born in Riverside, CA in 1989, and moved to his parents Şule and Cengiz Aydemir’s hometown, Istanbul, as a child.

Musicianship - As a 2 and a half year-old Dennis’s favorite albums were REM’s Out Of Time and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged. At the age of 7 he started playing the keyboard, and the piano at 11. Upon receiving a guitar on the day he turned 12, he decided to make music his career.

High school - He went to a fine arts high school, Avni Akyol Anadolu, where he focused on the upright bass.

First bands - Quickly becoming a hot commodity for Pop, 70s, 80s, Indie Rock and Symphonic Metal bands during high school he performed with acts such as Pınar Aylin, Electric Circus, 70lik, Voodoo Medicine, Senfonya and Gargara to name a few.

College - Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, class of 2015.

Languages - As a Turkish-American he started life as a bilingual. By the age of 23 Dennis had learned Spanish and Japanese languages.

Road to Istanbul - In 2011 Dennis bicycled from Málaga, Spain to Istanbul, roughly 2500 miles.

Works other than Music and Filmmaking

During college Dennis worked at the Apple Store as a Mentor and Expert.

He also worked as a music teacher at the Boston based Japanese-English nursery school CBNS, and at Zuhal Music in Istanbul.

Dennis volunteered at an NPO, Genuine Voices, as a music coordinator for incarcerated youth, while also volunteering at 夢を語れ yume wo katare Kyoto-style ramen shop as a cashier, where he got to practice his Japanese.

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