Dennis Aydemir is a 29 year-old Turkish-American musician, director, and a cross-continent cyclist. Born in Southern California in 1989 and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Aydemir started his music career at the age of 13 by giving guitar lessons. He spent the next 8 years of his life making and teaching music, taking up analog photography, and picking up his third language, Spanish. On his 21st birthday he left his hometown, applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston, and got accepted with a scholarship. The year leading up to his Berklee attendance he lived half a year in Mexico City attending UNAM for Spanish language and Mexican Folk Art studies, and spent three months biking 2500 miles from Málaga, Spain to Istanbul.

During his Berklee years he picked up Japanese, did various volunteer work at juvenile detention centers, a local ramen shop and a Japanese-American kindergarten, and worked at the Apple Store as a Mentor, Expert and Business Specialist. At Berklee he took an eclectic mix of classes ranging from microtonal fusion and bossa-nova to lyric writing, and was the student of David Fiuczynski, Pat Pattison, Simon Shaheen, and Tomo Fujita among others. In 2014, Aydemir created Time Travels Through Sound to contribute songs from endangered languages to the music community which he filmed in seven countries across the Asian continent. 

Dennis currently lives and works at organic farms across the US and Japan whilst making music and filming.




Santa Cruz, CA 95062


+1 八三一 三四六 九二八六

Dennis with Misako Koja ( 古謝 美佐子 )in Okinawa, JP Oct 2015

Dennis with Misako Koja (古謝 美佐子)in Okinawa, JP Oct 2015